01. All-in-one Drip (Jet Fuel)

Regular price – R 2,550.00 

Concentration and Laser Focus, Combats Fatigue, Boosts Energy, Improves Immune Health, Improves Allergies, Improves Mood, Mental Clarity, Anti-aging, Improves Skin Tone & Texture, Anti-inflammatory

02. Energy Booster

Regular price – R 1,800.00 

Combats Fatigue, Boosts Energy Levels, Improves Anxiety, Reduces Symptoms Of Migraines, Enhance Focus & Mental Clarity, Detoxifying, Replenishes.

03. Immune Booster

Regular price R 1,700.00 

High Dose Vitamin C, Strengthens Immune System, Protect Against Seasonal Illnesses, Reduces Inflammation, Increased Hydration, Restores Balance

Fast Delivery: 100% Absorption

04. Detox Drip

Regular price – R 1,500.00 

The Detox Drip encourages the elimination of toxins and harmful substances in the body while supporting your detoxification pathways and replenishing nutrients that have been lost due to stress and a poor diet. It can also aid in protecting your liver to increase glutathione production to enhance the detoxification process.

Get the Detox Drip only at Pneuma Aesthetics to increase optimal health and prevent illness and disease.

IV Therapy works a lot faster than oral supplements, so say bye bye to endless pills and get a drip that is safe and relaxing.

05. Radiant Skin Drip

Regular price – R 1,650.00 

High Dose Glutathione, Improves Pigmentation, Skin Brightening, Even Skin tone, Glowing Skin, Improves Skin texture, Clears Skin congestion.

06. Hair Growth Drip

Regular price – R 1,100.00 

Our Hair Growth Iv Drip is the Holy Grail of all IV Drips when it comes to boosting ones hair and nail growth and quality.

If you’re looking to improve your hair growth to achieve thicker, longer and healthier hair, THIS is the perfect IV Drip for you.

After intensive research we have specially formulated this drip to enhance hair health and nourishment.


  • Improves Collagen formation and hydrates the skin
  • Promotes new hair cells
  • Reduces the risk of scalp inflammation
  • Increase cell production for healthy skin, hair and nails
  • Reduces fizz and dryness

07. Hangover/Jetlag Drip

Regular price – R 1,870.00 

Reduces Headaches, Anti-inflamatory, Eliminates Nausea and Vomiting, Recover From Food Poisoning, Control Migraine, Rehydrates the body, Detox, Improves Mood, Replenishes.

08. Myers Cocktail (Feel Good) Drip

Regular price – R 1,800.00 

Strengthens Immune System, Improves Digestion, Increases Vitality & Energy, Promotes Healthy Skin, Increase Collagen Production, Reduces Inflammation, Relieves Anxiety, Aides in Sleep. 

09. Sports Endurance & Recovery Drip

Regular price – R 1,850.00 

Active Lifestyle: Gym, Training & Sports, Speeds Up Recovery, Increase Muscle Efficiency, Hydration, Promotes Wound/Injury Healing, Enhance , Performance, Balanced Hormones & Mood, Boost Energy Levels, Support Immune System, Sleep Better. 

10. Post Surgery/Trauma Drip

Regular price – R 1,600.00 
Trace Mineral Intravenous therapy can be very helpful in speeding recovery post surgery or after physical trauma. It can also improve clinical detoxification, enhance energy, and improve metabolic efficiency.

11. Libido Boost Drip

Regular price – R 1,650.00 

The Libido Boost Drip delivers essential nutrients that helps to improve mood, enhance better sleeping patterns, increase testosterone levels for both male and females and boost self-esteem.

These benefits have a positive impact on a person’s libido.

Our libido boost drip is specially formulated by us and is delivered intravenously, where the nutrients go directly into your bloodstream, with 100% absorption rate.

12. Fertility Drip

Regular price – R 1,500.00

Our Pneuma Fertility drip is designed to deliver 100% anti-oxidants with a sole goal to decrease free radicals at the level of the ovaries and testes to improve egg quality and sperm numbers, quality and mobility.

This IV Drip is specially formulated for Pneuma Aesthetics and is recommended for individuals or couples tying for a baby.