Target fat exactly where you want to.

Backed by the science of cryolipolysis, fat freezing is a non-surgical, 30-minute treatment. The cooling pads destroy fat cells by freezing them.

The temperature at which fat freezing occurs is low enough that it won’t cause damage to surrounding tissue or organs, making it an excellent option for contouring areas resistant to diet and exercise. The best part is you can treat the area more than once!

The treatment is best followed by cavitation, radio frequency and diode laser pads. Check out our combo packages on offer.


Fat freeze: the most permanent & effective stubborn fat reduction treatment

Circumference loss

You can expect up to a 25% fat reduction in the treated area after your first session.

Fast & efficient

Each treatment takes up to 30-minutes for one localised area.

Zero recovery time

There is no recovery period. You can return to your normal activities after treatment.

Lasting results

Fat freeze destroys a portion of fat cells permanently. If you follow a healthy lifestyle, you can easily maintain your results.

Treatable areas

  • Back
  • Back of arms
  • Man boobs
  • Abdomen
  • Love handles
  • Below the glutes
  • Side of knees
  • Inner & outer thighs
How many sessions of fat freeze do I need?

One session is normally enough for smaller areas, but if you want to treat a larger area or have a little more fat to address, two or three treatments may be necessary. In general, most people achieve their desired results after two sessions.

How long does the fat freeze take to work before I see results?

It can take up to 12 weeks to see results, but this varies from person to person. Some clients start seeing results after one week, but it takes three to four weeks to start seeing the results, and 12 weeks for the full results.

Will the fat come back?

Fat freezing cannot completely eliminate all fat from a body area. It’s important that clients using this treatment take care of their diet, drink plenty of water and take regular exercise, or it’s likely that the removal of fat by the treatment will be masked by new fat in the treated areas.

Is it painful?

No it is not a painful treatment. There might be a mild sensation of pulling, tingling or stinging. However most patients read or sleep whilst having their treatment. After the treatment there might be some mild sensitivity of the skin on the area.  There may also be some tenderness or soreness for about a week – similar to muscle soreness after a hard workout.

Where does the fat go?

After the fat freeze cells have been frozen, they die and are naturally flushed out of the body.

What can I not do?

You may continue with your normal day to day activities. There is no downtime. We do recommend not to sitting in a jacuzzi or sauna for at least 24hours after your treatment, but you can take a bath or shower.

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